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Couples Therapy

Your relationship is worth it.

Is your relationship suffering?

Do you feel alone even when you’re with your partner?

Do what it takes to rebuild a lasting connection.

I can help you address unhappiness in a relationship, mediating the conflict so you and your partner can find peace together.

Couples therapy will help you develop and maintain close emotional or physical relationships and connections. Relationship counseling helps you learn how to stop pushing others away and/or sabotaging your relationships. Relationship counseling will help you develop an increased understanding of other people’s perspectives and form closer relationships.

couple laying on the ground together

Counseling helps you accept your own value and worth as a person. This will help you set appropriate boundaries, and become more resilient within your relationships. Relationship counseling helps you overcome, explore and understand your intimacy issues. Once you identify the root of the issue, I will help you work toward a resolution. 


Our sessions are via telehealth, therefore you can receive support regardless of your location.

Couple Meditating
Holding Hands


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